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Culture & values

Our people enjoy working here

  • At Optilon I look forward to Mondays instead of dreading them. 😊 It is all thanks to being surrounded by people that are not only great at their job but are also truly fantastic people. I always face challenges in my daily work, but the needed support is always available from my colleagues. I enjoy the mix of IT and supply chain and find my work and the customers I work with really interesting.

    Caroline Svensson

    Senior Supply Chain Application Consultant

  • The company is filled with truly great people and management. I have gotten the chance to work with some of the greatest companies in the Nordics which I value a lot. I appreciate the way we work, close to the customer’s as well as with my colleagues. It enables me to contribute as much as I can. All this with the added perk of flexibility in my working hours.

    Johan Svidén

    Senior Integration Consultant

  • I get to solve problems. I love to solve problems and can really get stuck into them and how to get around them. And then of course the colleagues! The people I work with really help each other out, even if it wasn’t their problem to begin with, it’s really teamwork and prestige less. Many are no longer ‘just’ colleagues, they are friends and people I enjoy spending my spare time with.

    Nathalie Johansson

    Senior Supply Chain Application Consultant

  • I help our clients succeed by transforming their needs and desires into reactive front-end applications. To ensure everyone is happy this must be a collaborative and iterative process, frequent feedback and open communication helps us build a solution that is both robust and easy to use. I find it very satisfying to see a client’s reaction when a solution I’ve helped build makes their life easier.

    Llewelyn Griffiths

    Technical Development Consultant